Kristian McKay

Summer Orbit


Love is being destroyed by the power and greed of the world. A man boards a train with only his memories and a dream folded in his pocket.

Camera - Arri SR2 16mm

Cast- Jorge Madrid, Rita Mubarak

Director. Kristian McKay
DP. Kristian McKay, Brian Joseph
Writer. Kristian McKay
Editor. Kristian McKay
Produced. Rita McKay, Kristian McKay
Music. Kaitlyn ni Donovan
Sound Design. Ryan Mauk
PA. David Smith


NewFilmmaker LA - Official Selection

NewFiilmmaker LA - Best Short Film Audience Award

Mexico International festival - Best Short - Golden Palm Award

FantaSci festival - Official Selection

Los Angeles Cinefest - Official Selection

LA-San Rafael - Official Selection

Moving Pictures festival - Official Selection

Local Sightings Festival - Best Short Film

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