Perros Callejeros 

Synopsis -

Hawk, Flaco, King, Spider, and Miklo are brothers; a family brought together through abandonment by their own blood. The leader of the gang, Hawk, wants out of the life they've built; tired of thieving and mischief. He hatches a plan to kidnap the mayor's daughter for ransom. The plan is set, the location for her captivity is solid, but a wrench gets thrown in the works that will change the course of all their lives. An ultimatum, a choice, a sacrifice, and a plan.

Cast -

  • Juan Carlos Iniguez
  • Alejandro Timm
  • George Saim Marquez
  • Christian Peñaloza
  • Joan M. Serrano

Crew - 

  • Art Director: Micheal Lemon
  • Written & Directed & Edited by: Kristian McKay 
  • Produced by: Kristian McKay - Melina Mora
  • Production Manager: Melina Mora
  • Director of Photography: Juan Carlos Alulema - Kristian McKay 
  • Sound Design: Sound Closet Inc. 
  • Colourist: Andrew Pollock
  • 1st AC: Mauricio Llerena
  • Key Grip: Allen Bishop

Status - Post Production © 2020

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