Thank you for reading about me. 

Kristian McKay was raised in Texas.  He studied creative writing at Portland State University and made several short films in the Pacific Northwest for over 10 years. His 16mm short film shot in Portland, Oregon "Summer Orbit" (Orbita del Verano) garnered several awards worldwide including "The Golden Palm Award" at the Mexico International Film Festival in 2018, and the "Audience Award" at NewFilmmakers LA. 

His first feature length film VENTAJA, a thriller filmed in Cuenca, Ecuador had a successful 4 week theatrical run with Multicines Cinemas - Ecuador in March 2019. VENTAJA was also an official selection at the 2019 Guayaquil International Film Festival and went on to be nominated as Ecuador's Oscar submission for Best Foreign Film category.

Kristian is dedicated to creating cinema projects and global branding. 

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