Synopsis -

VENTAJA es un thriller no lineal sobre  Edmondo (José Andrade) cometió un trágico error en una carretera, y sin saberlo afectó la oportunidad de Camilo (Michels Skwierinski) de tener una vida feliz. Camilo decidido a vengarse sale a cazar a Edmondo, encontrandolo en una pequeña cabaña en los Andes donde comienza un juego de azar, riesgo y transmigración espera. 

VENTAJA is a non-linear thriller about Edmondo (José Andrade) who made a tragic mistake that unknowingly affected the opportunity of Camilo (Michels Skwierinski) to have a happy life. Camilo wants revenge, hunts down Edmondo, finding him in a small cabin in the Andes where a game of chance, risk and transmigration begins.

Cast - 

  • Michels Skwierinski
  • José Andrade

Crew -

  • Writer - Director - Editor - Kristian McKay
  • DP - Kristian McKay - Carlos Holmquist 
  • AC - Jerry Rivera 
  • Producers - Rita McKay, Kristian McKay
  • 2nd AD - Simon Del Valle 
  • Sound Design - Fernando Pozo
  • Hair and Make-up - Gata Vega
  • Music - Jorge Koko Aguirre 
  • PA - Augustin Martinez

Theatrical Release 

* Multicine EC, Cinemark


* Guayaquil International Film Festival  - Official Selection  2019

* Emerge Film Festival - Official Selection  2020

* SERF Film Festival - Winner  2020 

Perros Callejeros 

Synopsis -

Hawk, Flaco, King, Spider, and Miklo are brothers; a family brought together through abandonment by their own blood. The leader of the gang, Hawk, wants out of the life they've built; tired of thieving and mischief. He hatches a plan to kidnap the mayor's daughter for ransom. The plan is set, the location for her captivity is solid, but a wrench gets thrown in the works that will change the course of all their lives. An ultimatum, a choice, a sacrifice, and a plan.

Cast -

  • Juan Carlos Iniguez
  • Alejandro Timm
  • George Saim Marquez
  • Christian Peñaloza
  • Joan M. Serrano

Crew - 

  • Art Director: Micheal Lemon
  • Written & Directed & Edited by: Kristian McKay 
  • Produced by: Kristian McKay - Melina Mora
  • Production Manager: Melina Mora
  • Director of Photography: Juan Carlos Alulema - Kristian McKay 
  • Sound Design: Sound Closet Inc. 
  • Colourist: Andrew Pollock
  • 1st AC: Mauricio Llerena
  • Key Grip: Allen Bishop

Status - Post Production © 2020

Summer Orbit

Synopsis -

Love is being destroyed by the power and greed of the world. A man boards a train with only his memories and a dream folded in his pocket.


  • Jorge Madrid
  • Rita Mubarak

Crew - 

  • Director. Kristian McKay 
  • DP. Kristian McKay, Brian Joseph
  • Writer. Kristian McKay
  • Editor. Kristian McKay
  • Produced. Rita McKay, Kristian McKay
  • Music. Kaitlyn ni Donovan 
  • Sound Design. Ryan Mauk
  • PA. David Smith


* 2018 NewFilmmaker LAFilm festival - Official Selection

* 2018 NewFiilmmaker LA Film festival - Best Short Film Audience Award

* 2018 Mexico International Film festival - Best Short - Golden Palm Award

* 2018 FantaSci festival - Official Selection

* 2018 Los Angeles Cinefest - Official Selection

* 2018 LA-San Rafael - Official Selection

* 2017 Moving Pictures festival - Official Selection

* Local Sightings Festival - Best Short Film


Synopsis -

 A girl from Ecuador new to the USA shares her experiences of cleaning houses, dating, and missing her home and friends through a diary of imagery and sound. 

Cast -

  • Rita Mubarak

Crew -

  •  Director. DP. Editor. Kristian McKayWriter. Kristian McKay 
  • Produced - Rita McKay,Kristian McKay 
  • Music - Richard Cranach 
  • Boom operator. 
  •  Sound Design - Richard Cranach
  •  Foley Artist - Richard Cranach 
  • PA - Andrew Pollock 
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